Vero is refreshingly transparent and is working hard to create a social network where transparency the standard. Update 2/25: Apparently a lot of you like the idea of Vero! So much so, they’re having trouble keeping up with the server load. Don’t worry, it’ll even out in a bit.Social media is our modern diary. Why do tech companies own all the keys?. Let’s assume that, at some degree of popularity, social networks become like factory farms, aiming to process as.What is Vero, why is the app being called the new Instagram and how do you use the social network? hype has been building around the social media newcomer vero as it offers free subscription to.The latest Tweets from Vero (@verotruesocial). Taking the way you connect and share in real life and translating it online. Download the app for free: has positioned itself as a different kind of social network, one designed in response to the ways in which existing networks have counterintuitively made people unsociable. It’s grown from less than 1 million registered users to nearly 3 million, according to the company, over the past several days.The No. 1 social networking app in the country right now isn’t Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s not Pinterest or WhatsApp. It’s something called Vero, and the app’s popularity is mystifying.And big thanks Vero, one of our Marquee Sponsors for the 2018 season. vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it, and wants control over whom they share it with.Vero beach city council candidate rey Neville (center) celebrates his win of a seat on the council during an election night party on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, at the vero beach yacht club.vero is a new kind of Social Network. We don’t use algorithms to keep you clicking. We just want you to click with each other. That means no ads, no data mining, and total control over your privacy. Whether your next post is seen by friends, followers, or a mix of both is up to you. As well as a range of features to help your social media feel like social life, our rule of thumb (or thumbs.THE SANTALAND DIARIES is based on David Sedaris’ personal recollections of his days in candy cane tights and curly toed shoes.

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