Safe, Comfortable Sober Living Homes for Men, Women and LGBTQ Individuals. Eudaimonia offers sober living homes and apartments in a number of locations across the country including Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Colorado Springs, CO and Chicago, IL.Men’s Sober Living in Austin, Texas. We offer one sober living apartment complex for men in Austin.All of these apartment units are completely furnished and provide a recovery-friendly environment with great amenities, support services, and clean, comfortable living spaces.Austin Turning Point Sober Living homes are committed to insuring a safe, clean, spiritual environment, and dedicated to providing high quality sober living In Austin. Our Sober Living program is structured to implement everything our residents have learned in treatment or through the twelve step recovery process and mold that into real life."I think that I’ve told you before – this is like the first time we’ve both been sober at the same time," Meeks says. "It’s exciting." Meeks and Welch are free but apart. She’s in treatment, and he’s.At our sober house in Austin, TX, we have created a recovery strategy that changes lives. With us on your side, you will learn how to take control of your thoughts, emotions, and your life in general, slowly working towards a better life for you and your family.Fast-forward through a cross-country move to sweltering Austin, Texas, getting engaged, getting sober, and my father’s death. the crushed-granite track at the elementary school near our house while.This is a comprehensive list of all Sober Living Homes in Texas. Click on a City to see only the Sober Living Homes in that City. Click on any listing to get detailed information about that Texas Sober Living Home.Greenfield said it is not lost on him that Austin and the surrounding area happens to be from. The projects, such as replacing a stolen snowblower and donating a grill to a new sober house, are.The most upscale, luxury Sober Home in Texas providing the highest quality, structured recovery services for a transitional sober living environment. Texas Upscale Sober Living Halfway House | westlake recoveryin marble falls, Texas, a town of 7,000 about an hour west of Austin, a drug deal of sorts is going down. Hidden inside the couple’s house is a small room best described as a long list of.