Workers’ compensation benefits are handled by each state. This means if you’re injured on the job; you will turn to your state’s department to receive resources on how to file a claim. In this state, you will be required to follow a particular process before you are eligible to receive any Louisiana workers’ compensation benefits.D. Construction. The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Law shall be construed as follows: (1) The provisions of this Chapter are based on the mutual renunciation of legal rights and defenses by employers and employees alike; therefore, it is the specific intent of the legislature that workers’ compensation cases shall be decided on their merits.The Louisiana Workers Compensation Law applies to all employers regardless of the number of employees, and establishes a presumption that anyone rendering service for another in any trade, business or occupation is an employee. (R.S. 23:1035 and 23:1044) Certain classes oflouisiana workers compensation Temporary Total Disability Temporary Total Disability ("TTD") Lawyers representing injured workers whose claims fall under the Temporary Total Disability section of the Louisiana Workers Compensation Act know that TTD benefits are paid at a weekly rate of 2/3 of the injured worker’s Average Weekly Wage.Louisiana Revised Statutes 23:1306: requires employers to notify the Office of Workers’ Compensation within ten (10) days of actual knowledge of an injury resulting in death or lost time in excess of one week after the injury. This rule applies even if no claim for workers’ compensation benefits has been filed.Louisiana workers compensation laws state that you have the right to be examined by the physician of your choice. An employer who claims otherwise is violating the law. However, you should be aware that Louisiana workers compensation law also allows a company to order you to visit another physician for a second opinion.Louisiana Workers compensation attorneys protecting Your Rights after Workplace Accidents and Injuries Many industries come with the risk of accidents and injuries. However, even seemingly safe jobs – such as office or computer work – can result in unexpected injuries. When you work hard at your job only to be injured on the job, you should not be expected to use your hard-earned money.