Construction Manager vs. General Contractor: What’s the Difference? There are so many different companies and people involved in a construction project-owner, architect, general contractor, construction manager, various specialty trades each with their own project manager and more-that it truly is a cacophony of different sounds.Markup is a general term that applies to the overhead and profit that any business needs to realize if the business wants to stay in business. It is the amount a business charges above their direct cost.. Why do you want to use a cut rate contractor to improve or repair your major investment?You may be curious as to what a general contractor does and if you really. If you do not have a general contractor, you will be the one trying to.General engineering and building contractors usually oversee projects and coordinate the specific licensed subcontractors for a job. Specialty or subcontractors usually are hired to perform a single job.general contractors are specialists in what they are able to build or fix. Typically they own their own company and manage all construction and designing projects. The types of general contractors out there are engineers, designers, electricians, plumbers and masons.I took a general stuck in life approach. pull back / Work backward/ Just do one thing. Let me explain. I think we get stuck sometimes because we keep trying to shove a cylinder peg into.If you’re the person who hired the general contractor, you don’t have to do anything – this is between the general contractor and the subcontractor. As long as you pay the contractor the agreed.So they generally do consider buying larger companies that are included in the relevant benchmark. If you spot an error.Bad wiring, or plumbing, or mold in a wall is unforeseeable. Having to remove a toilet to replace tile but forgetting to account for the time and cost to do it in the estimate isn’t. Some general contractors prefer to work by bids only so customers don’t know how much they are making per hour.Finding a good general contractor is easy with Sweeten.. Do you need a contractor or a handyman?. fully understand the project and generate a proposal and bid (the proposal is the plan and the bid is the proposed cost).