This video,, can also be seen at review of the Novosbed memory foam mattress and a comparison of features with other memory foam eye-opening novosbed mattress reviews from real customers that are proven and trusted. Our experts will share little-known and research-backed facts about the full Novosbed. · The Novosbed mattress is reasonably priced coming in at $1099 for a Queen. You can save additional $100 by applying our MFT100 coupon. Click here to read the full Novosbed mattress review. Casper Construction and Materials. The Casper mattress is a.381 reviews for, rated 4 stars. read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. Share your voice on · A Look Inside the Mattress. Novosbed features a 4-layer structure, but we think it’s best to start with the materials you can see, aka the cover.On the top side, there is a very soft, nice-looking, machine washable cover, made of eco-friendly Tencel fabric.During our review, we tested the cover and were satisfied by its stretchiness and good fit.Novosbed, a Canadian company, is one of the earliest online-only mattress companies to launch. They unveiled their online storefront,, in 2009. today novosbed has operations in the US and Canada. Their flagship product is the premium Novosbed memory foam mattress.The Douglas Mattress is Novosbed’s latest mattress offering. Its a luxury hybrid with a low price, available in Canada See the FULL Review & Douglas Mattress Coupon nowHandcrafted in America with top-quality materials and the latest in sleep technology, the GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep provides a balance of supernatural comfort and total-body support. The naturally.The Novosbed mattress is an 11 memory foam bed that is using not one, but two layers of comfort foams. The top layer is the latest next generation memory foam with another layer of memory foam under it.Novosbed has been making mattresses for longer than most of the online mattress companies, so I was excited to see what a more experienced manufacturer would make to compete with the new popular brands. Overall I think they made a mattress that stands out, even in the crazy online-only mattress market, though it’s not for everyone.