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Original video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8vR8YzQ098.Anik Singal is a reputable name in the internet-marketing niche, and you have probably come across the name if you are, or are trying to become an affiliate marketer. He’s the guy behind some of the popular products in both personal development and im.anik singal. anik singal is, without any doubt, one of the most successful Internet marketers. Inbox Blueprint was first released in January of 2014. Over the past 2 years Anik has trained thousands of students how to build a successful email marketing business.What is Inbox Blueprint all about? Inbox Blueprint is a course offered by Anik Singal on email marketing. For those who are familiar with money making programs or affiliate marketing, probably you have been introduced to Anik. Anik has all the skills and know-how of marketing his products in.Let their initiatives, big and small, inspire you to find a way to give back that fits your mission and market. Anik Singal (For All Our good) anik singal is the CEO of Lurn, a community and resource.